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My Story

As a dog lover, I was shocked at the levels of additives, colourings and preservatives that are ever present in shop bought treats. Having spent considerable time reading the backs of packets in pet stores and supermarkets I realised the potential harm I could unwittingly be causing my dogs. I became worried when one of my dogs developed a bad skin complaint and knew there had to be another way. I decided to start making my own treats for my dogs, so I knew exactly what was going into them. I decided to use high quality fresh ingredients , also making them wheat free, as this can often cause itching and scratching, along with upset tummies. I soon realised that the popularity of the treats , made this something worth sharing .

I therefore created Waggy Wishes in 2014 after lengthy research and advice from a pet food consultant and a vet. A small family company , you can trust to provide high quality , healthy treats.

All my treats have been tried and tested on my dogs, and husband! along with a very picky German Shepard .

Waggy Wishes are an approved DEFRA pet food producer and registered with trading standards.